At Save The Duck we take care of the environment and all its inhabitants, promoting a transparent business model that manages natural resources responsibly.




We Respect Animals

Our company has a strong determination that drives us to do everything possible to create crueltyfree products (avoiding animal exploitation) by using cutting edge technology to create sustainable materials.


We Commit to the Future

Our business growth is the means for a greater goal: to create positive impact for people and the environment in which we operate. We set our own pace, we respect the pace of the Planet and we feel the connection between them. Our ethics and principles guide us to create value in the long-run.


We Care for People

As a fashion brand, we have the responsibility of protecting human rights and guaranteeing health, safety and equity to the stakeholders in our supply chain, from producers and employees to customers.


We Love Nature

Respecting the environment is our mission. We use raw and recycled materials obtained from suitable sources. Our goal is to provide clients with the widest range of sustainable products, taking a circular lifecycle approach, to save and protect natural resources.


Supply Chain

Supply Chain

We work everyday to build with our suppliers long-term relations, based on mutual trust and transparency.

Sustainability Report

Sustanability Report and Plan

Our committment to transparency takes action in our sustainability plan and reporting.

Standards & Policies

Standards & Policies

Our standards and policies are the tools to achieve our sustainability goals.

Coefficient 1%

At Save The Duck we commit to donate every year 1% of incomes to support charity initiatives that protect animals, people and the environment.


Awards and recognitions

We are proud of these awards, which attest our commitment for animal protection and the promotion of a regenerative business model.

B Corp

B Corp and Società Benefit

In Save The Duck we believe in the importance of creating virtuous and synergistic relationships that support us in pursuing the common benefit.

Care and maintenance

Care & Mainetenance

Our products are designed to have a long life cycle, which can be further prolonged thanks to some measures that also help to respect the



UN Global Compact is a driver to business awareness and action in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Carbon Neutrality

Together with other 500 B Corps from all over the world, we committed to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030. We are engaging in a process of quantification, reduction and compensation of our CO2 emissions to take charge of our environmental impacts, and make our activities climate-friendly.